Spring = Terrace Parties

This weather’s got my creative outdoor-party-throwing juices flowing. Madison, standby for the real Terrace parties – sunsets with grills and disco. Ithaca already knows what’s up.

Anyway, the good folks at Scion A/V tossed me a promo compilation from Plant Music, a NY record label run by Dominique Keegan and Stretch Armstrong. Major tastemakers in the NYC scene, their decade-old label has a few new, some familiar, and all dope artists on their roster. My favorites below:

Tittsworth feat. Ninjasonik – Molly’s Party

Smalltown Romeo feat. Shad K – Boom Ha (John Roman remix)

Loose Shus – Sky Motel [my new sunset jam]

Find releases from Plant right here.


It’s Spring, and that can only mean one thing: I’m far behind on my tan. I mean, everyone else is probably way ahead of me on at least their base coat. How am I going to take my shirt off at parties / at the park / in the library without feeling super self-conscious now?

Ludacris – How Low (Bird Peterson remix) [le fire that killed it on Sat]

Boy 8-Bit – Wolfen (JOTS remix) [via le Fader]

Beenie Man – Dude (TLGB remix) [le up-and-coming The Living Graham Bond]

The Hood Internet – Decalogue (The Hood Internet vs. The 2000s)
[le GirlTalk killer]

I got my taxes together this evening, listening to a delightful random selection of music on my computer. I must say, TurboTax does make it easier than filling out 1040’s & 201’s line-by-line. This track came on during the final steps of E-Filing, and I thought it appropriate. Embodying the prospect of a fatty return with the anxious uncertainty of being audited, Flairs nailed it for me.



In case you haven’t seen it in all its awesomeness yet. I wish my chorus teacher was into pop.

There are a few things that can turn a dehydrated morning around. A couple are secrets, but this is not. Good bud Electric Mayhem recently started getting his production chops and this airy spaced out number is the delightful result:

The icing on the cupcake of things saving my life right now.



A couple weeks ago, some fire from Scion AV / Fluo Kids landed in my inbox. I’ve been letting one particular track marinate and work its way into the deepest darkest reaches of my gray matter. Let it work its magic on you:

Renaissance Man – Fruit Loop

Renaissance Man are two Finnish dudes who have been putting together minimal-esque music with a bit more substance than the norm. Their work definitely bridges the gap between intolerable and vapid minimal house, with music I’ll consider interesting.

painting by Paco Pomet

Hot Chip – “Slush”

This sums up Hot Chip’s new album, “One Life Stand”, quite well. It’s awesome and silly, as they usually are. The vocals on the rest of the album are also just as awesome. A worthy purchase at all of your

Four Tet – She Just Likes To Fight

I can’t put into words how intricate and musically layered “There Is Love In You” is. Four Tet just put out what will probably be in my top 5 albums of the year. A MUST buy.