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Far Above


Many big things are happening over the next few days. First, Cornell’s Mens Bball team plays Kentucky in Syracuse. Practically a home game – CNY represent! I wasn’t planning on getting the least bit riled up over this year’s March madness, but certain things have come to light. Watching the Big Red stomp the UW […]

WordPress should support flash because this is awesome and super related. I think I need a backeotomy. Last night I dropped some tunes at the Natt Spil to what was left of Madison’s musically discerning crowd post St. Pat’s. Half older hip-hop and lounge music, half recently-acquired 70s funk. Next time I’m going to suspend […]

A method to clean old vinyl using wood glue. Apparently it works. I wonder if it can fix the cue burn on my scratch records, we will see.

This weather’s got my creative outdoor-party-throwing juices flowing. Madison, standby for the real Terrace parties – sunsets with grills and disco. Ithaca already knows what’s up. Anyway, the good folks at Scion A/V tossed me a promo compilation from Plant Music, a NY record label run by Dominique Keegan and Stretch Armstrong. Major tastemakers in […]

It’s Spring, and that can only mean one thing: I’m far behind on my tan. I mean, everyone else is probably way ahead of me on at least their base coat. How am I going to take my shirt off at parties / at the park / in the library without feeling super self-conscious now? […]

I got my taxes together this evening, listening to a delightful random selection of music on my computer. I must say, TurboTax does make it easier than filling out 1040’s & 201’s line-by-line. This track came on during the final steps of E-Filing, and I thought it appropriate. Embodying the prospect of a fatty return […]



In case you haven’t seen it in all its awesomeness yet. I wish my chorus teacher was into pop.