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Le sigh


I’m in the mood for some French. Cuisine, art, and music. Maybe it was Anthony Bourdain’s show in Brittany last night and the amazing oysters that even the dogs were picky about. Today, I have achieved French-electro-remix-of-pop-songs overload. Kelis – Acapella (David Guetta Remix) Ke$ha – Tik Tok (Fred Falke Remix Radio) [find the extended […]

A track from the Daft Punk scored “Tron Legacy” movie has leaked. It is awesome and Tron-y. I cannot wait. via TDS

Team Conan


Sums up this situation well. Memetastic!

Just ripped this from vinyl, it’s the start of a mix I recorded a while back (which will be posted up mighty soon). Super rare, found it here on 7″ vinyl. Some Bootsy-like funkysauce on the bassline here. N. Moore – Who La La? (Linkwood Edit) (192k)

Sleep leaks


It would be nice to get some sleep around here. My ceiling is leaking, and I’m pretty sure there’s a leak in the wall. That should be nice, come summerblackmoldtime. I hate the drip… drip… drip… of water leaks. So, this morning I went looking for some good leaks. Nada. Checked out Digiwaxx and, man, […]

Sporadic funk


I tried Tumblr for a minute, but I don’t think I’m feeling it. It feels like a popularity contest, and memes are teh win. Whatever. With the mission of sharing content and furthering the arts (*ahem*), I’ll stick with this. I’m working on fixing some great live mixes I made at the end of last […]