Hopper House


I had quite a good time this Labor Day weekend, rounding off my week away from work. On Saturday night, RJD2 graced the decks @ Cornell. Dude had 4 turntables and an impressive-looking sampler, tearing through old 12″ records that have been played thousands of times before. I’m curious to know what he has in his crate – some of the old breaks he sampled were just so sexy. Sadly, no footage of his killer performance will be found here, as I forgot my camera. I was too busy trying not to throw up the dirty oysters I ate at Maxie’s.  If you want to get into his head (and his iPod), check out his recent interview with the A.V. Club.

I definitely need to give some culinary shout-outs to a couple places along the West shore of Cayuga Lake. We hit up a few wineries on Sunday afternoon, and I must say that Sheldrake Point is something special. I had previously discounted Cayuga wineries as inferior to those on Lake Seneca. Wrong. Sheldrake coaxes amazing things out of tons of different awesome varietals without having to fall back on the sweet Niagara-type hybrids that proliferate the Finger Lakes. I can’t recommend their Cabernet Franc (and its ice wine) enough. Wine-snobbery is fun.

On the ride back South on rt. 89, you’ll also need to stop at the Cayuga Lake Creamery. Cornell Dairy ain’t got shit on them. Blueberry cheesecake ice cream? Yeah, that’s what St. Peter asked me too.

Today, on the way back from dropping off the most precious of cargo at SYR, I hit up the A&W in Cortland. This is going to be a necessary ritual on any ride from Syracuse to Ithaca. I spent the last 30 minute leg of the trip in greasy burger & fries bliss.

I’ve been hearing tracks from Randy Newman’s new album, “Harps and Angels”, a lot this weekend, and it couldn’t be more fitting. I’ve been digging his humorous spin on the current fucked-up situation that is post-9/11 America. Check it out for yourselves:


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