What’s really good?


Not most of hip-hop.  I figured I’d look for some new hip-hop for the semester and perused Digiwaxx’s offerings.  I’m just going to be straight and say most of it is plain garbage.  Then I came across this:

Katy Perry ft. MIMS – I Kissed a Girl (remix)

She sucks balls

She sucks balls

Don’t even get me started on Katy Perry and the whole mainstreaming of this nonsense.  I’m not even sure if it’s ironic anymore, but she used to be a Christian singer.  Guess that didn’t work for her.  The only upside of this annoying hit is painfully obvious, but has been ever-present in the right circles for ages.  Yes, girls, please make out with other girls.  Until it starts to be one giant cock-tease, as it always fucking has been.  Go away, Katy Perry.

So that’s part of what I talked about with AmpLive last month @ Camp Bisco VII (not bisexual chicks – the shitty state of hip-hop).  I hate to put the interview in the same post as this travesty, so it will follow shortly.


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