AmpLive Thursdayz


I sat down with AmpLive last month to have a few quick words about music. A short one, but a good one. Enjoy!

FuzzyDuck: So, how long have you been producing music for now?

AmpLive: About 15 years, professionally.

FD: And you’re starting to move towards DJ’ing?

Amp: I’ve always DJ’ed – not my stuff, you know. Now I want to do more production / DJ sets and stuff like that.

FD: What kind of direction do you want to take that?

Amp: I just want to do everything, you know. If you’ve ever seen a Zion I show, I’m just doing different stuff behind. Now, this is just more in the forefront. I play stuff live, make beats on-site.

FD: What are you working on right now?

Amp: We just finished a Zion I record, that’s gonna be coming out soon – it’s called The Takeover. We got Brother Ali and Devon The Dude, so that was good working with them. I’m also working on an electro album, I’ll be finished with that in a little bit. It’s called Electro Wonderland Vol. 2. And then I have an artist named K.Flay that I’m working with and she’ll be out soon. Yeah, all kinds of stuff – working on remixes. I just did some stuff with Tokyo Police Club, which is dropping soon.

FD: I talk a lot about the state of hip-hop. What’s your take on that right now?

Amp: I think hip-hop is like the economy, sort of. It’s definitely going through a transition period of just being really big and on top to sort of settling down. But so is the music industry. It’s sort of hard to gauge, really. Hip-hop has been around for a long time, so it’s really hard for people in my generation and for people who grew up when it started to see how diversified it is now. You know? You have a lot of people like, “No, hat’s not the real hip-hop. Bring me the real stuff and this new stuff is this and that.” No, hip-hop is like classical music. There are all different types. And it’s reached its peak. So now all I can do is sort of spread and influence other genres.

I think hip-hop is gonna be around – it’s not going away. People say it’s dead, but it’s more like everything has been done. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still flourish and do cool stuff.

FD: What sort of direction do you want to see it heading?

Amp: You know, I want to see people starting to play more instruments and just really be into music just a little bit more. I think people don’t respect music as much. Music is very important in life. And when they start cutting budgets and music [in schools] is the first thing to go, that just affects the way people view it. So I hope people just go on and keep treating it as something special.

FD: What is some of the music that’s affected you?

Amp: Oh man, I’m affected by a lot of stuff. Growing up with Jazz music and Gospel music really influenced me. Man, I get influenced by everything, honestly. I just hear a random band, and it’ll be tight. Because I think everybody’s got a voice. Everybody’s got something special. They may not be able to make money with their gift, but that doesn’t mean it’s not special. But because everyone’s got something to say, I keep it open.


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