Chicken Sausage


I’m finally settled into my new apartment. Except for the 300 lb. pirate w/ a peg leg upstairs who steps loudly and moves treasure chests around until 2 in the fucking morning on a week night. So, I set up my turntables – always one of the first things I set up after moving – to counteract his inconsideration.

I’ve been busy and, quite obviously, pissed off for the past couple weeks. Working in NYC is a bitch and I now hate the city because of how stressful it is. Last Wednesday night I gave New York a second chance and went to see Sebastien Tellier at the Hiro Ballroom. Sorry, New York, but I love Pairs now. And the awesome music made there by really cool dudes.

An incredible show, great stage banter, and top-notch music. Fuck that, I was seriously impressed. Listen to his music at the Myspace link above, and cop the album.  It’s his 3rd album and was produced by Guy Man (1/2 of these guys).  Exclusively at American Apparel (wtf)? I won’t let that cheapen the awesome music, so I’ll be grabbing it online here. One question remains: vinyl or cd?

Anyway, I’m looking on the bright side of life, as always. The buds are good, weather’s nice, and we’re halfway to the weekend. Peace.


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