Camp Bisco VII


I’m back. Camp Bisco VII in Mariaville, NY this past weekend was quite an adventure. Three days of music and mayhem in an upstate NY venue controlled by the Hell’s Angels – it’s a hard picture to paint for someone who’s never been to one of these, so I’ll focus on the music.

Thursday’s highlight from its short lineup was easily Snoop Dogg, though I feel he’s a bit over-hyped these days. Snoop came out strong with a huge entrance and dropped right into “Next Episode”. He played a lot of his new stuff, but the crowd’s energy didn’t take off until he he started dropping tracks from his OG days. Overall, a very entertaining start to the weekend. The Disco Biscuits came on shortly afterwards to blast off. Something I learned rather quickly about my weekend: by the 2nd or 3rd Biscuits set of the day, I was exhausted and getting near drunk.

Friday morning and exhaustion reason #1: by 8:30 a.m., the sun is up and it’s already 85 degrees. Any further sleep is impossible. Interestingly, everyone at camp is forced out of bed by this meteorological horror between 8-10 a.m. no matter how late they were up the night before. By noon, I was ready for some good music, and Ithaca native homeboys Jimkata brought it. These guys had the musical chops to make the bill, and they certainly got the energy level at the right place for the rest of the day.

The next impressive set I caught was one from Tea Leaf Green, a bunch of festival favorites it seems. These guys played a show at my house a few years ago, in a much more intimate and rowdy setting – it was nice to see them soaking up the sunshine and crowd’s vibes. I can’t speak to their recorded work, but if you ever have the chance to check out the talented Tea Leaf live, definitely do so.

After a brief rest with food and whiskey, I was ready to check out !!!.

Until now, it seemed as though the heat was forcing bands to slowly warm up to the crowd; but these guys came out full fucking force. Singers Nic and Shannon had the fire energy – bouncing and sweating from song 1. The band’s musicality was fierce all over. Definitely another act you’d want to see live. See where they’re playing nearest you.

Speaking of whiskey, it was time for the Crown Royal to start flowing. Popped on over to the dance tent, where Lazaro Casanova and Daniel of LA Riots were setting up their decks. Due to clerical errors on the part of the scheduling trolls, Laz was playing to an almost-empty crowd and Daniel’s audience was maybe 40 strong. A slight bummer, as their sets were downright nasty and deserved a bigger audience. Lazaro dropped some dark & dirty tech house and Daniel spun the bass-heavy electro bangers. I recorded both of their sets, so hopefully I’ll be able to get them up here soon.

Hijack a golf cart and zip over to a trailer backstage where this guy is chillin:

I got to interview JFK (of MSTRKRFT), so check back soon, as I will post that ungodly awesome shit. Let’s just say it’s Profound. Unfortunately, Al-P has pneumonia (get well!) and was absent.

He then proceeded to the main stage to play, in the words of the ‘stage manager’, “filler music” for the Biscuits’s set break. Motherfucker destroyed it. Thousands of hippies rocked out to one of the best MSTRKRFT sets I’ve ever heard (granted, it was only JFK , but dude was on point). Everyone on stage was slamming Crown, chain smoking, and loving Jesse’s set. If you want to imagine the set, think essential mix with more Crookers-esque shit. I need me one of those fancy new Pioneer mixers.

For more pics of the madness, check out teh flickr. I then got some blacking out going on, talking to some of the Biscuits (very nice guys), and just telling everyone in the Undocumented entourage how much I love them. After they left, the next thing I remember was eating artichoke hearts in JFK’s trailer at 2am. Amazing night.

Stay tuned until tomorrow for an update on the Saturday (AmpLive, DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, and more Disco Biscuits) and the JFK interview.


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