Same as it ever was


I’ve been noticing how lately the music scene online is a bit saturated. I love how blogs unearth great, deserving talent – I was able to follow the Beetroots & Crookers to the mainstream thanks to people out there. However, these days you need to wade through lots of garbage to find that pastrami sandwich. I just found out that two of my friends are blogging. One, with whom I haven’t spoken to in a long time, made a pretty money observation in the same vein about hip-hop. The other observes how humans (and humanity) and technology intertwine at a pretty visceral level. I thought about Tiff when this popped up on my shuffle at work today:

Pacific Division – Put Me On (Found it here)

Sums up the rap game nicely, and at least there’s some decent ish out there. Now add that to your already overflowing library.

Pac Div love


One Response to “Same as it ever was”

  1. 1 sowhatiff

    I’m so glad its not just me!!! I’m definitely feeling this track…

    Thanks for the love!

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