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Disco Love


I usually hate posting things that I just pick up off other blogs, but I just found this over at Discodust and it’s freaking awesome. Summery, lovey, synthey disco gooey goodness from NY’s own Lovelock. Lovelock – Maybe Tonight Much love to the Discodust bloggers, I won’t even change up the tags 🙂 Advertisements

Day Job


Just wanted to give a brief heads up as to why there will be no posts the next few days. I’ll be heading down to NYC for some lovely fieldwork, as, unfortunately, I have a real job. I will try my hardest to catch Sebastien Tellier @ Hiro on Wednesday night, but the days are […]



I ran into Jesse F. Keeler of MSTRKRFT last Friday at Camp Bisco. He had just driven from Toronto and was slated to play a 90 minute set during the Biscuits set break. That got cut to 75 minutes, the food sucked, and there were no good mixers for booze. Jesse found the bright side […]

Camp Bisco VII


I’m back. Camp Bisco VII in Mariaville, NY this past weekend was quite an adventure. Three days of music and mayhem in an upstate NY venue controlled by the Hell’s Angels – it’s a hard picture to paint for someone who’s never been to one of these, so I’ll focus on the music. Thursday’s highlight […]

Things that grind my gears: 1. Calling the Biofuels situation a “dilemma.” It’s not. It’s piss-poor US & EU policy. Stop subsidizing (non-cellulosic) ethanol and the “dilemma” is solved. 2. Edit: Posers. 3. The fact that Ithaca has a different set of horrible drivers from out of town every weekend. The next gorge-gawking Land Rover […]

I’ve been noticing how lately the music scene online is a bit saturated. I love how blogs unearth great, deserving talent – I was able to follow the Beetroots & Crookers to the mainstream thanks to people out there. However, these days you need to wade through lots of garbage to find that pastrami sandwich. […]



Back from a silly July 4th weekend, the humidity is out of control. I can deal with the cold in Ithaca without a problem, but sometimes the summer gets pretty rough. I slow down to the point where I can’t think straight. Here’s a thumper that reminds me of rain forests with 90% rel. humidity: […]