Miami Pt. II


Fool’s Gold Showcase. Get the lowdown from the horse’s mouth here and pictures here. Hands down the best party in Miami. I didn’t get there until Surkin was mid-set and KILLING it. JOTS DESTROYED the place. Boys Noize… well, just peep the videos back at the Fool’s Gold blog. Madness all night long, sets too good to be described. I got to meet Erol Alkan – positively the coolest dude chillin on stage that night. He knows music better’n you. Mr. Catchdubs hooked it up with some groovy Fool’s Gold music (which you can buy HERE)

Treasure Fingers – Cross the Dancefloor [Fool’s Gold]

Kid Cudi – Day N’ Night [Fool’s Gold]

Saturday I finally got to get my dig on. Went over to the WMC’s HQ for the record fair and dove into some wax. I was an idiot and spent too much money on some useless house shit. However, I met this guy from Newark, NJ who hasn’t DJ’ed since ’94 and had crates & crates of GOLD. The late 80’s early 90’s hip-hop and funky grooves that you can’t really find digitally. I’ll rip one of the old Sugarhill pressings in the next couple days and throw it up here.

Peaced to the Raleigh (I love that place) for some legendary hip-hop a la Stones Throw. PB Wolf was spinning all 45’s and Biz Markie was fucking around on the mic. Classic. Jetted over to Ultra to catch Moby’s awesome set (dl here), Underworld’s amazing live performance, and Benny Benassi’s insane closing set (dl here). I thought Benassi was going to be cheese, but he totally exceeded my expectations.

Studio A!!! Boys Noize was better every time I saw him (Erol thought so too) and he killed it. Erol Alkan threw down a nasty electro-banger set that had the crowd good and ready to go by the time Simian Mobile Disco came on for their live set. OMGFTW! Best live set of the week. They chopped up their old songs, dropped some new ones, and by the time “Hustler” was rocking, the crowd lost its mind.

Then I got drunk, Moby bought me a drink to put me over the edge, my friend lost her camera, blackness descended and I woke up. Stellar night.


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