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I suppose I’m late on posting this, but work and life has been very busy. Lots of gigs, lots of work. Last Thursday, DJ Yahel rocked Barton Hall up here at Cornell University. He played a ton of musically intricate goa and psy-trance (not really my cup of tea, but it was well-mixed). Hillel put […]

WMC wrapup


By Sunday, I was ready to chill. Or die. I met my boy Artie K at the Royal Palm and we chilled on the beach for a bit. It was heaven – I forgot how beautiful the water is in Miami. We went over to The National (Remix Hotel / Beatport Pool Party) where the […]

Miami Pt. II


Fool’s Gold Showcase. Get the lowdown from the horse’s mouth here and pictures here. Hands down the best party in Miami. I didn’t get there until Surkin was mid-set and KILLING it. JOTS DESTROYED the place. Boys Noize… well, just peep the videos back at the Fool’s Gold blog. Madness all night long, sets too […]

Several weeks ago, I went to the Winter Music Conference in Miami and my life changed. I had never been to WMC before, but I came out alive… barely. I arrived on Wednesday night and ignored my earlier decision to ease into it. I got wasted and thrown out of Space for having too much […]

Here I am! Expect music, news, humble opinion, and many useless things. Since I spend most of my time on my work computer, I can’t be uploading all sorts of music during the day. Yes, my day job sucks. Blog goes live on Friday, April 18 for my birthday.