Shirts off.


That just happened. I’m too inebriated/tired to post something substantial. But that was THE dance party. Madison, stay tuned.


Get Freaky


It’s been a while. That needs to change. Let’s do it with these bangers I found in my Inbox this morning. Don Diablo is finally putting an album together, called “Exit Studio Sweatshop.” Below is the video for “Who’s Your Daddy,” electro crunchiness destined for dance floor greatness.

But for me, the real star of the show is A.Skillz, who does the nasty on it. Quite the bounce going on here:

Black Noise puts a bit of teeth on it as well:

Stay tuned for the single to drop August 2nd. Choon.

It’s been a while, folks. Real life caught up with me hard these past couple weeks. What brings me here today? My buddies in have reverse engineered what is sure to be the monster tune of the summer – “Barbara Streisand” by Duck Sauce. Let them scratch your mental itch.

Barbara Streisand ( bootleg) – Duck Sauce by

And here’s a little ditty what that they threw together a little while back. Still tears up the floor.

Big Dancin’ ( remix) – Bounce Camp by

Apparently the midwest has some crazy electrical storms. Nobody ever told me. Anyway, the cell has passed, so I can take a bath.

edit: Also great for the bath:

Lemon Jelly – His Majesty King Raam

Lemon Jelly.

Far Above


Many big things are happening over the next few days. First, Cornell’s Mens Bball team plays Kentucky in Syracuse. Practically a home game – CNY represent! I wasn’t planning on getting the least bit riled up over this year’s March madness, but certain things have come to light. Watching the Big Red stomp the UW in a bar full of Badgers fans on Sunday was pretty, well, awesome.

Second, Cornell’s Mens Hockey team takes on New Hampshire after securing the ECAC title last Friday in a huge win over Union. The Frozen Four, and possibly some ice time with Wisconsin, awaits. The last time Cornell played UNH, on January 3rd, they came out on top – 5-3. Let’s.Go.Red. Normally, I’m not this crazy about sports. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Big Red. And Scrivens is a fucking BEAST in the cage.

What I’m all about, all the time, is the Funk. And the Jams. And the Disco. And this week’s discogasm is succinctly described by groovy bassline-loving comrade, WarmWarmerDisco. But I’ll tell you anyway: Madison legend Nick Nice, new kid Fuzzy Duck, free absurdity and space-time bending music. Get your party hats on.

And, lest I forget, a right JAM to whet your appetite, and help console me for not being in Miami this week:

Flight Facilities – Crave You feat. Giselle (The C90s remix)

WordPress should support flash because this is awesome and super related.

I think I need a backeotomy. Last night I dropped some tunes at the Natt Spil to what was left of Madison’s musically discerning crowd post St. Pat’s. Half older hip-hop and lounge music, half recently-acquired 70s funk. Next time I’m going to suspend myself from the ceiling by hooks deep in my flesh – it will probably be more comfortable than spinning in that booth normally. I kid; you can almost hear all the music played over the past 6 years after the last record spins.

Malcolm’s Locks – Get Up, Stand Up

The Chosen Few – Funky Buttercup

[Cosmo Baker]

Radio Citizen – Black Forest

A method to clean old vinyl using wood glue. Apparently it works. I wonder if it can fix the cue burn on my scratch records, we will see.